LG Asofoedita (Hing)

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Derived from a species of giant fennel, asafoetida has a unique smell and flavor. It is called for often in indian cooking, primarily with legumes and vegetarian dishes. While on its own, the smell may strike you as overpowering and somewhat unpleasant, in cooking it mellows out and produces a result similar to onion and garlic.

In india this ingredient is crucial for the jains, who do not eat root crops. Contains asafoetida microfine powder, wheat and rice flour, gum arabic. This authentic asafoetida, or indian hing, is very popular throughout the world. Use sparingly, as this spice has a strong flavor and aroma. Asafoetida makes indian and other dishes easier to digest.

available in 50 & 100 Gram pack
Origin: India